To assure you of a healthy puppy your pup will have already been examined by our Vet prior to being released to his/her new home. Please make arrangements for Puppy to be seen by your Vet within 72 hours of receiving for health guarantee to be valid and for you to know you have received a healthy puppy.
Flea, tick control and heartworm preventions should be discussed with your vet at this time. Puppy will have had a series of de-wormeding, but the stool should be checked at this time as a routine procedure for puppy's first visits to the vet.
First Vaccinations will have been given prior to puppy going to his/her new home. Puppy Vaccination Schedule should be set up at your initial visit to your Vet. You will be provided with information in your Puppy Packet and a Health Record regarding exact dates your puppy was vaccinated.
If a health issue is found within this 72 hour period and written documentation presented to seller with in this 72hour period, price of puppy would be fully refunded provided dog and all paperwork are returned. This does not include any fleas, worms, coccidia, giardia, or any other parasite or disease common in dogs and puppies. Puppy would be replaced with a pup of equal value in any findings of congenital disease that would take the life of the dog up to 2 years of life.
All shipping charges or choices in veterinary care for whatever reason will be the responsibility of the buyer.
It is agreed that if for any reason you are unable to keep your puppy (even into adulthood) that we be contacted first and have "Right of first Refusal" as to make proper and safe placement of puppy.
In the unlikely event that a AnnaDoodle puppy is suspected of being "Severly dysplastic" in the first 2 years of life, the following procedure must be followed:
~Notify breeder by phone or certified letter.
~Submit X-Rays and written evaluation of Vet to breeder.
~Breeder will be responsible for only the replacement of pup of equal value. Any treatments or evaluations chosen are buyers responsibilities.
~Replacement of puppy concludes all guarantees.
For Health Guarantee agreement to be in effect:
~Puppy must be signed over and returned to us, not overweight and never have been used for breeding purposes.
~All Registration papers must be signed over and returned to us.                                                                                    ~Breeder retains the right to hold back any puppy of choice in the rare event if needed to maintain certain linage.     

Lepto should NOT be given with any vaccination prior to 6 months. We recommend the Fort Dodge Brand--This covers all four strains of Lepto, should you choose this vaccine after 6 months of age. (There have been many documented deaths due to this vaccination that so often is included in "routine puppy vaccines".) If your puppy does receive Lepto prior to 6 months, or routine puppy vaccinations are given more frequent than 3 weeks apart, or vaccines are given more frequently than annually, once puppy series is completed, our Health Guarantee is voided. (Due to the fact this can strongly affect the immune system of your dog.)
~It is agreed that your puppy will not be used for breeding purposes and will be spayed or neutered, unless prior agreement with breeder is made.
~Deposit will be refunded 100% if the event we are unable to provide promised puppy to you. Deposit to hold puppies are non-reundable for any other reason.                                                                                                                      
~Please note 9.25 % Tennessee Sales Tax applies sale of puppy.


Our Health Guarantee and Agreement

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